Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Basic Shapes When Drawing

Everything you ever draw, will break down to 3 basic shapes, a circle, triangle, or square. Everything you see, breaks down into those 3 basic shapes. They're like the skeleton to any drawing you ever do. Knowing this will also help you simplify your drawing, which will lead to faster and more efficient drawings. It's something I do when doing quick sketching If I need to crank out a bunch of art work. 

Po here is a perfect example. The drawing below is the sketch and the one with all the red lines shows all the basic shapes that Po is made of in this pose. He's a round guy so he's a bit easier to draw when it comes to shapes. His basic body shape is a giant TRIANGLE. The longest edge of the triangle is on top, helping guide your eye across the whole drawing into the direction that he's kicking. You then add a bunch of circles and BAM, you have a flying kicking Po. 

Simplifying the drawing just gives you a cleaner and crisper read. So there you go, give it a try!
Basic Shapes

Regular sketch

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